Medallion Clues

Are you ready???? The clues are HERE!!!!


Rules: Must have a Good Neighbor Days T-shirt to win and receive your $100 prize money.  T-shirts can be purchased at Emmy’s Salon, The Country Store, The Vintage Exchange, Howard Lake City Hall, and Howard Lake Wine & Spirits.  A clue will be posted each day of Good Neighbor Days week (until the medallion is found) starting by 10 AM each day starting Monday, June 20th

If found, please contact Cindy Zitzloff at 612-202-4868 to claim your prize. 


Day 1: 6/20/22

With summer near,

The hunt is here

It is only located in public places

So make sure to cover all the bases

Clue #2 6/21/22

Please be respectful of public places

There is no need to dig in any of these spaces

As you explore,

The hints do not ignore

Clue #3 6/22/22
While you search look high and low
Now get on your feet and off you go 
But while I am not easily seen.
You will see around you many colors of green
Clue #4 6/23/22
If you want to get the most from this post
You may want to stay near the coast
If you find it today you can surely boast

Congratulations to RJ Dillman of Howard Lake who found this year’s GND Medallion at Lions Park!
RJ received the Medallion and a $100 cash prize!!